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During the first five days of May 2013, Franck Mantegari, Dave Wilkinson and Mikel Azpiroz locked up in a studio by the sea at La Concha Bay, San Sebastian, to record the fourth album of Elkano Browning Cream, “UH EH” . This is a craft record, filled with colors, where the three musicians exhibit their broad musical palette, delving, without any stylistic complexes, into luminous, powerfully rhythmic melodies. Starting off from the traditional jazz band format (Hammond organ, guitar and drums), they stretch it beyond with magnetic compositions that travel through music evoking African, oriental or nocturnal European landscapes, with a balanced mix of tradition and current trends. Its thirteen songs will withdraw the listener from his/her daily problems over the album’s 65 minutes. Faithful to his philosophy of playing an active role during the entire album-making process (composition, recording, mixing, editing), Mikel Azpiroz was in charge of the record’s production and edition with record company Mamusik, while Ediciones Resistencia was responsible for distribution in stores. UH EU is now available for sale in stores.


Since releasing their first eponymous album in 2007, the band’s career has been characterized by a multi-angular approach to music, resulting in records that are rich in nuances, containing thorough melodies with a strong rhythmic component. Coordinated by pianist and organist from San Sebastian, Mikel Azpiroz, the band is completed by the Parisian drum player Franck Mantegari, and the British guitarist who lives in Barcelona, Dave Wilkinson. The three members provide their interesting parallel careers, including collaborations with artists such as: Alpha Blondi, Saint Germain, Brian Jackson, and Jabier Muguruza, among others, and all this background combined with the band’s international nature results in jazz with a personality of its own, eclectic and exotic. They edited album “2” in 2010, following the footsteps of their first work, and in 2012 they released “Bohemia”, a small jewel of gypsy sounds, a tribute to street musicians. Now, UH EH is a clear manifestation of the group’s maturity and interpretive strength.

The band’s multiculturality also results in a nomadic character; since their early days in the USA (where they met), the band has performed in several festivals and venues in Europe, America, Asia and Oceania: San Sebastian Jazz Festival, Woodford Folk Festival (Australia), Cotton Club of Shanghai (China), Jazz Festival of Quito (Ecuador), Jazz Festival of Delhi (India), Madrid’s Veranos de la Villa, Cultura Inquieta de Getafe, etc.

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